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  1. Just watched 18random videos before this and i started of with call of duty
    revelations gameplay and ended up with an 18 second long video of a dog

  2. 
    Also, if you can’t read this comment properly, then i’m sorry, but try
    using word…

  3. HOW can this video get so much “hate” ?
    The poor dog was rescued! I don’t know if this comment section is full of
    uneducated and rude 12 yo kids or some dumbasses that should be doing
    something productive with their life instead of going on youtube hating on
    animal rescue videos.

    • Well, the title is pretty damn misleading. At least a story, a news report,
      evidence, anything. I’m not hating, but taking a 14 second stroll with
      Lazarus doesn’t really live up to the title.