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  1. I wonder why pet owner like to dress up and put shoes on their cat or dog.
    For fashion or for fun? They just think their pets are like barbie doll or
    toy. Animal didn’t use cloths or shoes naturally. I laughed at the owners
    who did that stupid thing.

    • It’s ok to use it for the purpose of protecting dog/cat paws in any case..
      But used in the house and road.. For what ??
      Naturally dogs and cats are able to walk in any field conditions. You can
      see a homeless dog/cat can walk with bare paws in the street and nothing
      happens to them. Arctic wolf doesn’t need shoes to walk on snow, Wild cat
      doesn’t need shoes to walk on dry savanna.
      Pet owners are just exaggerating. What is different between house pets and
      homeless dogs/cats or wild animals?
      Same! It’s just little different that house pets get more caring from the
      I still think dressing up and boots your pet are same useless.

    • I agree about the dressing up thing but boots are mainly used to protect
      dogs paws from hot cement in the summer, salt put on ice and snow in the
      winter, and if they’ve had any surgeries recently they may put boots on to
      prevent them from chewing at their paws.

  2. protective purposes, in my opinion, is an excuse…. no animal needs boots
    or clothes.. casts or wraps I understand, boots is just dumb

    • What about dogs and cats that get blisters or frostbite from being forced
      to walk in extreme conditions…. I’m no animal rights activist, but I’m
      just saying there is a point to some of this stuff. Plus, they get used to
      wearing them pretty quick.