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  1. I have to say that surely it’s incredibly dangerous to have cats
    particularly roaming loose in your car when you’re driving?? Very
    distracting for the driver at least, and they are unpredictable – if they
    get startled or you have to brake suddenly and they jump or fall off the
    dash or wherever they happen to be, it would be soooo easy to have a
    dreadful accident. I have three dogs and they are always tethered in the
    back of the car when being transported.

  2. The only time I put my cat in the car is when we have to go to the vet he
    gets under the seats if hes not in something like a box or cage with
    something comfortable he doesn’t meow at all but I don’t think hes a fan

    • My cat is usually in a travel box when he’s in the car. And he doesn’t seem
      to care about the trip. Even if I lift him up so he can see outside; he
      just looks for a couple of seconds and then just lays down again, chilling.
      He seems indifferent to the whole experience. On the back of my bicycle on
      the other hand… but I reckon that’s because the ride is not as smooth.

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