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  1. my dog is fat but he likes to run I let him run laps with my other dog
    Lilly and trained them they are lazy but are also don’t overeat I taught
    them roll over play dead fetch sit speak laydown go to bed and to open
    doors I keep teaching my dogs I train their brains by having toys to see
    how to get the snacks out my family are really good with animals we train
    our animals to be smart my dog Leon loves baths he doesn’t like to be
    ignored but my dog Lilly refuses to go out in the rain or get herself dirty
    she is well trained and instead of biting I taught her to pull on clothes
    or subdue I feed her a balanced diet constanly I also taught my cusions
    bird to talk fly and to do tricks such as fetch a item or speak he gets mad
    if we don’t let him watch SpongeBob I have constantly put the TV he loves
    to dance I also taught a raccoon how to open doors fetch and dig we love
    animals we train animals some of my family members are good with
    electronics we own farms we hate to kill our animals we have cows horses we
    don’t kill the pigs we uses the poop to help the farm not all of us live in
    the country but still having fat animals is bad but at least they are happy